Talents, Skills, Beauty, Style, Grace, Vanities, Pleasures, Attractions
Expressed Through Being
Bright, Talkative, Flighty, Quick, Mischevious, Curious, Dualistic, Intelligent, Communicative

Venus in Gemini

With Venus in Gemini the person has a natural love and curiosity about the world and how it all functions. For them knowledge and understanding and communication is the key. They may have a thirst for studying many things but it will not be easy for them to settle in one area in particular as for them there will always be something equally new and fascinating just around the corner. This could well extend into the area of relationships where they may favour many partners or experiences. Since Gemini is an Air sign the realm of ideas and communication with a partner will be paramount. Someone who can inspire them with ideas and language will most likely win their hearts.

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