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Venus is the second inner planet between the Sun and the Earth. Like Mercury it is therefore considered a very personal planet. Venus is considered the most beautiful object in the sky. It is bright but with an undeniable hypnotic charm. In mythology Venus is Aphrodite. She was the goddess of love. She was known for her legendary beauty. She took great care of her own body and adorned herself with beautiful objects. She liked the good things in life. Venus is connected with the arts and fashion. There is also a hint of vanity around where the planet Venus lies.

Venus is where we have a beauty and a talent. It shows us what gives us joy in life. What we appreciate in life. Specifically for a man it shows us the anima figure we are looking to complete us.

Venus rules two signs Libra and Taurus. Both are known for their style and love of beauty. With Librans they often posses a social charm, diplomacy and an appreciation of the arts. Libra is an air sign and as such is concerned with ideas of beauty, such as social justice. With Taurus, which is an earth sign, the beauty of Venus often translates into a love and attachment to beautiful objects and possesions. Taureans are often singers and artists as they bring the beauty of Venus into Music and physical charm.

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Venus Through The Signs

Venus currently lies in the sign of Capricorn at 11°33 Minutes

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