Creativity, Inspiration, Drama, Proactive Nature, Leadership Abilities, Charisma, Father, Fire, Warmth
Expressed Through Being
Dreamy, Sensitive, Escapist, Empathic, Understanding, Compassionate, Indirect, Psychic, Artistic, Other Worldly, Evasive

Sun in Pisces

The sign of Pisces is the last of the water signs and indeed the last of all the signs. Why does the zodiac end with this sign ? Possibly because it is the most humble of the signs. Its gifts are not necessarily those of great powers of strength or endurance or power, as some of the other signs may possess, its gift is that of being the most sensitive of the signs. What does that mean ? It means peolek with their Sun in Pisces can literally feel the pain and suffering of the people around them and indeed of the world in general. The element of water connects them to the emotions of others. Like all the signs gifts this is both a blessing and a curse. On the negative side their feelings are heightened and such they feel pain intensely and its difficult for them to escape the pain and harshness of the world. In many ways they have a distinct memory of the world before this one or of being in the peacefull nurtured womb. They long for that peace again. To escape the pain they may be highly addictive individuals who take to drink or drugs or solitude to access the highs they now miss. Howevere on the positive side if the Piscean faces his demons he can be a great asset to the world as he can espouse values of compassion and care and defend the rights of the weak, the poor and the homeless. He above al the signs can fight the cause of might makes right and take the world to a higher level. Possibly this is why this sign was chosen as the last of the signs.

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