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Moon in Scorpio

With the Moon in Scorpio the person feels their emotions very deeply and profoundly. People with this placement often battle the deep extremes the emotions can bring. They will not shy away from the realities of life but will feel with great intensity the pain and pleasure it may bring. For this reason they may be prone to deep mood swings. On the one side they may be jealous, possessive , controlling, intense and revengefull. However on the positive side they could be the most loyal , brave, protective and caring individuals for those they love and care about. In summary the best of friends and the worst of enemies to have. Since they can't hide or shy away from their strong emotions they may have a lifelong battle to deal with the intensity of their feelings. People with the Moon in Scorpio are also very likely to be deeply sexual individuals since through sex they can connect with their partner at the deepest and most intense level possible. Woe forbid though a partner who is unfaithful to a person with the Moon in Scorpio. There wrath and attempts to get even will know no bounds.

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