We've recently been asking our customers how they feel about our Custom Astrology Reports and here is a selection of what our satisfied customers from all over the world have to say.

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What People are Saying

The astrology charts were spot on and gave me much insight into me, my kids, and partners personality traits.
Anon, Dallas-Fort Worth
I purchased my solar return report and it was really helpful and informative to know what was coming up for me. Highly recommended.
Elly. R
I love the detail and accuracy of the astrology reports. I have recommended this site to other likeminded friends. I will continue to use this website as I have found it is great value for money. Thank you.
Natalie Farmer, Australia
Being ten months into the year of this solar return report, I look back at it to find how surprisingly accurately it describes my inner state, and even some external events, throughout the year. Great report! Would definitely recommend.
Richard A., Hudson Valley
I would recommend solar return report - it's a good starting point for interpretations.
Boryana Desheva, Sofia, Bulgaria
The career chart was very insightful, a good blend between the philosophical and the practical. It's something I will read again and again. The year report was good, it's organized by planet rather than by month. This is a different format than I'm used to, but makes sense for the outer planets. I will definitely get more charts.
Chrys R., Tucson, AZ
(The Yearly Forecast was ) Very thoughtful and well written Largely accurate to date. Yes, I recommend it.
Maylin, Sydney, Australia
I was delighted to find your website. I was looking for my annual solar return report which usually costs me 10 times what you charge. The number of reports you offer is phenomenal and so many of them are free! I quickly shared your site with my daughter-in-law and plan to set aside a large block of time exploring your offerings. Thank you so much for this website. Always Light and love.
Rev. Dr. Billye Graham, ND Prattville Alabama
I have enjoyed my astro reports from your web site. I like how each section was separated for ease of reading. However, I've just learned my birth time was 5 mins off. So I might have to re-buy. Smh
Nali, NJ
I've enjoyed getting the Solar Return reports from your site for a number of years, maybe 5 or 6 years now. I like the specifics of the report, how it addresses all major planetary influences and the North Node. It's organized in an useful way and is one of the most comprehensive Solar Return chart reports out there unless you get one from an astrologer and talk in person.
Leah, Maine
I love getting my solar return each year, on or just after my birthday. It gives me insight into what themes and energies may be coming through for the year and I check back in regularly throughout the year to help shift my perspective or remind myself of what I may be working towards. It's an amazing tool and one to have fun with.
Blair QLD Australia
Great report! I will purchase again and highly recommend it!