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Questions about relationships, and marriage, loom large in the minds of most people visiting an astrologer. In today's world the word "relationship" is relatively straightforward, meaning someone with whom we would like to share my life in an intimate fashion. However, the word "marriage" conjures a different meaning for many people. Some are talking about a marriage in which a religious or civil ceremony is performed, a commitment sanctioned by their friends, family, church or state. Others are meaning a defacto live-in partnership and others may have a looser interpretation of the word.

This report does not, intentionally, take a specific view on marriage, but astrology does have clear indicators that can help when choosing a partner. If you are interested in dating, already involved with someone or simply curious, then this report is for you. Hopefully the Star Match Maker report will be reassuring and supportive of your own feelings and thoughts. However, astrology often opens a doorway to the truth, and this can be uncomfortable if we have been creating fantasies in our own minds. As such please do read this report and enjoy, and seek further counsel if you feel that it conflicts with your own truth.

In astrology, at least this form of astrology, this report is assessing whether or not a relationship is marriage material i.e. whether or not two people are likely to be successful in forming a lasting union, sanctioned in some fashion by the church or law of the land, if they so choose. This report is based on the work of Sepharial, a well-known and respected astrologer in the late 19th and early 20th century. Sepharial says in his work that marriage is not cohabitation. "Marriage, in the astrological sense, is only affected by a contract which is binding upon the parties who are signatory thereto".

Please note that this report is intended as a guide only. Responsibility for decisions and outcomes, as always, lie with individual choice.

Destiny is said to play a part in marriage, but so too is character. Hence this report outlines the character of each individual in a brief manner, and assesses whether or not a person and their partner is pre-dispossessed to have harmonious marriage contracts or not. It also outlines whether or not the person and their partner have elements that blend well or not. Many factors contribute to the success, or otherwise, of a committed relationship. This report is outlining some of the basics, whether harmonising or otherwise. Other influences in your astrology chart may negate or enhance some of the factors stated in this report.

Sepharial says: "... It is also stated that the soul in man takes upon itself the characteristics of the body, as light takes upon itself the colour of the medium through which it passes, or as water takes the shape of the vessel into which it is poured; and it is this particular colouration of the soul which astrology seeks to define."

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