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Some people call them Angels, others call them guardian spirits, and still others use the name daimon, djinn, or demon (for a fallen Angel). Some Angels appear with wings; others have the form of a lion or other bird or beast. According to many sources, there are nine or ten orders of Angels. The most common are these: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, ArchAngels, and Angels. Some lists include Hosts. Angels are sometimes called Watchers and Holy Ones.

You may recognize a church hymn that begins:

"Ye Watchers and ye Holy Ones,
Bright Seraphs, Cherubim and Thrones,
Sing their praises!

Or these lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet:

"Angels and ministers of grace defend us!" (Act I, scene 4)
"And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest!" (Act V, scene 2)

You don't have to practice any particular religion, or any religion at all, to establish a relationship with your guardian spirits. Calling upon Angels is as simple as this:
1. First you recognize that Angels exist.
2. Then you identify an Angelic spirit or energy for which you feel an affinity.
3. Then you praise that Angel, as you would praise the Lord, the Virgin, or any object of your prayers.
4. Only then do you ask for help.
5. Give thanks for whatever help comes.
6. Finally, watch for signs that your call has been answered.

While the Bible only names three Angels (Gabriel, Michael and Raphael), plenty of Angels are mentioned (the word Angel or its derivatives is used about 300 times in the Bible). Other sources list the names of hundreds of Angels, along with their natures and their responsibilities. Many holy books tell us that Angels are appointed to watch over us, and our literature and entertainment are filled with examples of Angelic presence.

This interpretation focuses on the Angels that are most prominent in your life. You will learn who they are, what they govern, what they can do for you, and how they work together. You will also learn ways to become more aware of them - ways to tune in to their protection and their messages. We each have at least one Angel or daimon who is always with us, who never deserts us, and who offers constant creative inspiration, if we only will listen. Today you can learn more about how to listen to your unique set of Angelic guides.

As you read this interpretation, you will again and again find indications of specific ways to call upon Angels quickly and safely through prayer and meditation. I have called these activities meditations, but I personally also see these as prayers and I have included affirmations - short positive statements of personal intention - for your use. As you practice working with your Angels, you will become adept at contacting them in an instant when you most need their support and help. Since they are always around you, calling Angels is never a difficult accomplishment. However, you may not have any experience at calling Angels! Now, as you read and gain some understanding through this report, you can tune in directly to specific Angels for specific aid.

The hallmarks of true Angelic presence are these:
1. The messages are always loving, positive and clear.
2. Angelic messages and support leave you feeling confident, and certain.
3. Angels are not summoned, they are sent. Yet through visualization and meditation, you can become aware of their eternal dwelling in and around you.

In keeping with the qualities of Angels, I encourage you to listen to your Angels. Call upon them for guidance, but do not intentionally summon them. Instead, allow them to enter your presence by meditating on an Angelic image, wrapping yourself in the feeling of well-being and safety that you have experienced in the past, and patiently allowing yourself to fill with Angelic peace.
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