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Health And Wellbeing Report

Medical astrology is a complex branch of the astrologer's art. Many factors need to be taken into account when considering the overall health of the individual.

This report aims to give you a picture of some of the astrological indicators in the horoscope that correspond with your health and wellbeing.

The information in this report includes an assessment of your Natal Chart specifically focusing on health related matters. It includes a range of nutritional advice, stress management tips and therapy options. However, it is not intended that this report be used in place of a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner, nor persons qualified in complementary or alternative healing. It is vital to always seek out professional medical and nutritional advice where one's health is concerned.

This report aims to provide you with some useful tips about physical health matters and also about mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This information is based on the author's own knowledge obtained over more than 30 years as an astrologer and healer as well as additional research she has undertaken. The main focus of this report is to point out the astrological indicators that can manifest as health problems, or imbalances, and to suggest possible causes and/or treatments that might be of benefit.

If a particular theme is mentioned more than once in several different sections, then it is worthy of special attention. Likewise, if there are contradictions between some sections, this doesn't necessarily mean that they cancel each other out; both are probably applicable at different times, or under different circumstances.

When reading this report, don't assume that all the health issues mentioned will actually manifest. This report includes an assessment of some of the most challenging aspects and planetary positions in your chart, and as a result it tends to focus on potential problems. It would be a mistake to assume that all the health issues mentioned in this report will actually be experienced. Be aware too, that our Natal Chart is not a static thing. It is a symbolic representation of our potential, which unfolds and develops as we journey through life. Our conscious actions and choices play a key role in health too.


Essential oils should not be swallowed. If used in a burner, they should be diluted with water. If used for massage they should be added to suitable carrier oil such as almond oil, before use. Do your own research before using essential oils. Certain oils are not recommended for some conditions and some can be harmful and/or toxic. There are a number of contra-indicators to be aware of when using herbal treatments too. Some oils and herbs can be harmful during pregnancy and individual people can be sensitive or allergic to particular substances.

Herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals can be helpful in restoring health, but be aware that some substances can be toxic if used in excess and can have a detrimental effect on health. Some people are allergic to certain herbs and some herbal remedies are contra-indicated during pregnancy. Seek professional advice from a naturopath or herablist before starting treatment.

The author takes no responsibility for any adverse reactions caused. The information in this report is offered as a guide to health. The author takes no responsibility for the specific use or application of information presented here, nor for any unwanted effects encountered. Do not attempt self-treatment for serious health conditions.
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