Composite Chart of
Kurt Russell / Goldie Hawn
A well-known saying often ascribed to Aristotle suggests that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. In essence this is the nature of the Composite or Combined Chart, in that the alchemical combination of two individuals can create a relationship greater than the two. The secret is in working together to create this possibility. Hence, like the individual birth Chart, the Composite Chart holds the potential for fulfilment and each individual either takes hold of or rejects this potential. In many cases the potential of the Composite Chart never manifests because the individuals involved are not working together to ignite the possibilities of their relationship. It’s also true that not every relationship is a positive one, much as this might be the wish. The Composite Chart can shed light on the true nature of each relationship.

Another way of describing the combined energies expressed in the astrological Composite Chart is by using the word “synergy”. Synergy is the dynamic force that is a result of working together to achieve something greater. The New Oxford Dictionary defines “synergy” as ‘the interactions or co-operation of two or more organisations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects’. This is the underlying premise of the Combined Chart: that the astrological combination of two horoscopes can generate cosmic alignments more powerful than the individuals separately. The interpretation of a Composite Chart is a means of engaging in this mystery.

Astrologically, a Combined Chart is calculated by taking an average, midpoint or mean amount between two or more horoscopes to generate a single Chart. This single Chart is often referred to as the Composite Chart and takes two or more individuals in relationship and produces a single Composite horoscope to represent the soul or nature of the relationship. This technique can be useful in ascertaining patterns, challenges and timing in the relationship itself. However, it does not describe each individual’s relationship needs. For instance a Combined Chart may describe an intense synergy of two people. What happens when only one of the two people wishes for intensity? Conflict may occur or the relationship may simply dissolve. This report is intended by the authors to describe the potential of each combined duo, the alchemy. The choice of whether to pursue the “gold” in each relationship remains an individual one.
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