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The Sun

The Sun in Taurus

From 23 Apr 21 To 22 May 21 05:11

Use the strength available now to consolidate any shaky areas of your life. Be tenacious. Also enjoy the sensual side of life.

The Sun in the 10th House

From 23 Apr 21 To 14 May 21 12:15

You shine in the public arena. Profession, social status and marital status are the focus now.

The Sun Quincunx Neptune

From 23 Apr 21 To 24 Apr 21 12:28

Exact 23 Apr 21 11:26

This a time for pondering options rather than making hard and fast decisions. Your vitality is likely to be a little low right now so you are best advised to take your time when it comes to making irrevocable moves. You need to let go and trust your intuition. If you can find the time then you could record your dream, jot down any inspirational ideas or perhaps find a creative outlet for self-expression. You may not have clarity right now, but it will come later.

The Sun Semisquare Saturn

From 24 Apr 21 13:40 To 26 Apr 21 15:46

Exact 25 Apr 21 14:43

Some days you can feel like you are treading water, getting nowhere no matter how hard you try. Today is such a day. Obstacles seem to be strewn along your path. You may even feel a little down, unappreciated and that your achievements count for little. The time has come for you to reflect, realistically and not pessimistically, on the truth. Is this just a temporary period of frustration or do you need to mark some more serious decisions so that you can fully express yourself. Right now steady accomplishment is the way to go. The trick is to patiently tackle any obstacles and make those tough decisions.

The Sun Trine The Sun

From 27 Apr 21 04:25 To 29 Apr 21 06:33

Exact 28 Apr 21 05:29

It is time to relax and enjoy yourself. What gives you joy? You are likely to find yourself automatically attracted to activities that uplift your spirits. If you can be spontaneous today then all the better. If not then make some time to bask in the Sun. This is a brief period during which you can really enjoy yourself if you take the chance. Right now you are in control and feeling good. Therefore this is a good time to express yourself, to live life according to your own beliefs, and to impress those in authority. This is one of your moments in the Sun.

The Sun Trine Mars

From 29 Apr 21 23:10 To 02 May 21 01:21

Exact 01 May 21 00:15

This is an ideal time for competition if you are in a combative field, or needing that extra boost of energy to get ahead, but do remember to enlist others' co-operation if you are working in a team. In other words use this transit to solve any problems but don't create them! right now you have the energy to move ahead with some of your objectives through co-operation. You can shine in pursuit of your goals. This is turn means that you can facilitate goals that are personally important. Sports may also be a positive outlet right now whether that involves watching or participating.

The Sun Sesquisquare Jupiter

From 03 May 21 21:24 To 05 May 21 23:39

Exact 04 May 21 22:31

On the whole you are confident and optimistic during this brief period, however, circumstances may also stop you from fully expressing yourself and following your goals. This is an ideal time to stop and take stock of your personal goals. Are you heading in the right direction? Which path provides the most personal satisfaction? The trick is to consider the answers to these questions and then slowly but surely move in the right direction.

The Sun Sesquisquare Pluto

From 06 May 21 10:28 To 08 May 21 12:45

Exact 07 May 21 11:36

Your biological urges are powerful right now but they may be a little out of balance. Try to direct your energies into positive outlets. A new empowering exercise regime or a debating team may provide a channel for your pent-up energy. You can enjoy this time of extra energy but only if you direct it wisely and avoid conflict. Enjoy the feelings but avoid the seven deadly sins!

The Sun Quincunx Uranus

From 06 May 21 15:57 To 08 May 21 18:15

Exact 07 May 21 17:06

The urge to be impulsive is strong right now. However you really do need to think before you act. Otherwise you could react rashly. Resist the urge to react in a heated manner if you can. With a steady rein you are able to breakthrough obstacles in innovative ways. Alternatively let go of any urge to control situations or projects that are out of your control and take a few days to walk away and consider all of your options. This way you can make decisions that are in your own best interests without alienating those around you.

The Sun Square Mercury

From 10 May 21 15:22 To 12 May 21 17:43

Exact 11 May 21 16:32

Anxiety and worries can arise through crossed communication lines. Try to connect in ways that are soothing rather than to force communications.

The Sun Sextile Venus

From 12 May 21 01:37 To 14 May 21 03:59

Exact 13 May 21 02:48

This is an auspicious time for love and affection. Enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. If you are not near your loved one then find a way to communicate with him or her. This could be in the form of a letter, flowers, phone call. Right now romance is in the air. Make the most of it. Money also may flow more easily for a little while. You can enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you have previously been undergoing some financial difficulties then you may now recedive a gift from a loved one or some good news that alleviates your worries. It is time to take pleasure in the love that surrounds you and trust that you are supported. An attitude of gratitude is likely to attract good fortune.

The Sun Conjunction The Moon

From 13 May 21 00:50 To 15 May 21 03:12

Exact 14 May 21 02:01

This is a harmonious time during which you learn that you are loved and supported. The universe is on your side right now. If you have been feeling upbeat lately then this is an even more positive and rewarding time. You are feeling good and so enjoy yourself. If you have been feeling somewhat stressed then help is nearby. You simple need to reach out and ask and the universe finds a way to answer your prayers. Take heart. Trust your intuition and seize the day.

The Sun in the 11th House

From 14 May 21 12:15

As the Sun moves through the 11th House of friends, groups and social connections your self-knowledge is boosted through these areas. This is an auspicious time to reassess your personal goals, discuss them with friends and attract networks that support you. It is time to reach out and connect.

The Sun Trine The North Node

From 16 May 21 03:26 To 18 May 21 05:49

Exact 17 May 21 04:37

The Nodes are a sensitive point in an astrology chart and therefore transits are likely to indicate something significant when they occur. Sometimes the significance stands out and is obvious. At others it is more subtle and we have to look for the nuances. In this case the Sun and the North Node signify a positive new feature in your life, perhaps even a new chapter. Something or someone may enter your life right now enabling you to shine more brightly.

The Sun Quincunx Jupiter

From 19 May 21 14:54 To 21 May 21 17:17

Exact 20 May 21 16:06

On the whole you are confident and optimistic during this period but you also make adjustments in the way that you conduct your affairs. Make the most of this sunny period to expand your horizons but don't push your luck. It behoves you to be the bigger person in certain situations. This is your chance to let go of negative behaviour and thoughts and to move forward with your goals.

The Sun Trine Pluto

From 22 May 21 04:08

Your biological urges are powerful right now. Enjoy the feelings, learn from them and trust that all is in order.

The Sun in Gemini

From 22 May 21 05:11

It is time to be curious, communicative, versatile and talkative. Make the most of good news, contracts and communications that come your way.

The Sun Sesquisquare Uranus

From 22 May 21 09:39

Right now you may feel a little restless but try rein in any feelings of outright revolution. A little restraint helps you make appropriate changes.

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